The invention of a new snow sports industry. The first 3D-printed house in Canada. The birth of a craft-gear collective. Firefighting clothing designed for women. We introduce you to Columbia Basin residents who are growing big ideas from small places.


May 26, 2022

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Episode Guests:

  • Allan and Brenda Drury  – Founders of Selkirk Snowcat Skiing
  • Jim Ziemlanski – Co-founder of Twente Additive Manufacturing
  • Ian Comishin – President and co-founder of Twente Additive Manufacturing
  • Dale and Diana Olinyk – Northern Teardrop Trailers
  • PJ Hunton – Norco Bicycles
  • Matt Mosteller and Kevin Pennock – The Kootenay Outdoor Recreation Enterprise (KORE) Initiative
  • Ashley O’Neil – Ash Firewear