Meet the Twente AM Team 

Ian Comishin

Ian is a self-taught automation enthusiast who has been working in CNC and other digital fabrication process for more than 20 years. He has fulfilled the role of Operations Director or President of many different companies. He has a long background in implementing industrial machinery into new industries.

Marc Robitaille
Chief Technical Officer

Marc is a mechatronics engineer with more than 25 years experience serving as the president or head engineer of multiple automation companies in Montreal, Canada. Marc's inventions have revolutionized the status quo for discrete manufacturing processes in factories on virtually every continent.

Orsi Benkoczi
Operations Management

Orsi studied at Semmelweis University  in Budapest,  Hungary before she launched her own company in Film Production. After going back to school at the University of London she joined Twente in its very early days and has taken on much of the Operations Direction. Her business acumen became immediately influential to the rest of the team's objectives.

Kasia Olechnowicz
Head of Compliance and Finance

Kasia has many years in finance and operations management experience. As a graduate of the HBO-Dutch Delta Business School in The Netherlands and a masters degree from the West Pomeranian Business Program in Poland  she brings a strong international business understanding to the team. Kasia often chairs the annual and impromptu shareholders' meetings.

Jim Ziemlanski
R&D Centre Site Manger

Jim is a self-taught NC expert with experience in factory design for multiple industries. Jim has been developing and mastering subtractive manufacturing expertise from materials as broad ranged as laminate timber to titanium alloys. Beyond milling skills, Jim has been responsible for the integration of closed loop control systems in non-conventional processes related to his projects.

Adam Rumjahn
Business Development

Adam holds a mechanical engineering degree however he very early on in his career set out to master the electronic and chemical realms as well. Prior to joining Twente Additive Manufacturing, he served as a president and founder of a 3D-Printing firm that had industry changing breakthroughs for treatment of high performance polymers.

Jonathan Ladouceur
Head of Engineering 

Jonathan has a lengthy career in industrial automation and tooling design for the wind energy industry and most recently a foray into the Kinetic-UPS industry. Due to his vast experience set in very large machinery assemblies that have been installed all over the world, Jonathan brings a multinational mindset to the product design.

Tim Brodesser
Head of Research and Development

Tim has a broad career path through many industries where he oversaw the implementation of CNC technology into facilities with no prior digital manufacturing. His projects have spanned multiple forms of raw-material manipulations from organics to synthetics to metallics.  Introducing composites to conventionalists and robotics to manual processes has carved out Tim’s relationship to industrialism.