What started as a concept months ago, has now become ISO/TC 261-ASTM F 42 (WG2).

A team of global professionals JG80 (Joint Group80) has been working on the standardization of the adoption of 3D Construction Printing for construction projects all around the world. A big step that is moving the construction industry to a more innovative direction.

Twente Additive Manufacturing is honoured to be part of this series of events where lots of valuable discussions happened about quality, standards and safety. Thank you for the organizers to bring together this team of industry experts to work for the same goal.

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization that started in London, in 1946, to discuss the future of International Standardization. A prestigious list where now Additive Manufacturing is added under ISO/TC 261.

Read more about how the Committee’s work is evolvingĀ  HERE